Global Phase III MRI study in Breast Cancer

“FDA held the closing meeting of the inspection today. There were no issues raised regarding the integrity of data or study conduct and all questions could be answered to FDA satisfaction. This leaves me thanking EAG team in the name of Team here at XXX for the excellent support EA provided and your dedication to contribute to our goal to pass this inspection successfully.”

Global GCP Study Audit Management of a Worldwide Pharmaceutical Enterprise
Phase III study in Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma

“Dear XXX! Dear XXX! After reviewing the files I realized that you have done an excellent, brilliant job. As good as it cannot be exceeded. A big PRAISE…THANK YOU”

German Affiliate of one of the biggest Pharmaceutical Companies Worldwide

Phase III study in Metastatic Melanoma

“End of last week the EMA permitted marketing authorization of XXX for treatment of metastatic melanoma. The success of the Expanded Access Program (XXX) which has been performed in parallel, depends significantly on your permanent engagement, your professionalism and your team-work. Germany delivers extraordinary performance, it is the country with the most patients and, conside-ring the data volume, the documentation and the quality are exemplary. I would therefore like to thank you very much for your daily contribution, your continuous commitment and the high level of your performance. It is a tremendous pleasure for me to cooperate with such a team. Now that recruitment has come to an end, the reprocessing of the immense mounds of data lays ahead of us, but I trust together we will master this hurdle, too.”

German Affiliate of one of the biggest Pharma Companies Worldwide

Global Phase III Imaging Breast Cancer study

“I would like to thank you both for an excellent first meeting of our Standard of Truth panel last week in Kiel.... Thanks to your diligent work and excellent document preparation with many queries issued by Bianca which positively contributed to success of our first meeting. Overall, I think this is a very good beginning of the new year and I hope we will continue this way.”

Head of CP ONC PD of a Worldwide Pharmaceutical Enterprise

Region performance in global Phase III study

“Dear CRO team, Thank you so much for your outstanding support in this study randomizing 78 patients. In spite of significant delay in MoH approval, India is the “FOURTH ranker in terms of recruitment” amongst 14 countries participating in this study. India is among the 4 countries with “Zero %” withdrawal rate till date. I appreciate each and every one of you for your contribution towards recruitment and patient retention in this study.”

Global Study Team Leader of a Top 5 Innovator Pharma Company

Expertise in Ophthalmology

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank Dr Sheetal and Kavi for their time and efforts (and Patience) in the DCGI office. The presentation went very well and I believe we should get our Marketing approval soon. Once again, it was a pleasure working with MAL and looking forward to working with you again in future!”

Global Clinical Site Management Manager of a main Global Ophthalmology Company

Long-term Preferred Partnerships

“Dear Mr. D.A.Prasanna, We are delighted to recognize you as one of our preferred Service Providers. We are sending herewith a little present as a token of our gratitude commemorating long-term relation between XXX and your organization. We think our gift is perfect for someone like you who appreciates the value of quality service. We are looking forward for a progressive and mutually beneficial relationship moving forward. Let me take this opportunity to wish you and your team a very warm and Prosperous Dussera and Deepavali.”

Senior Vice President, one of the top 5 Global Generic Companies

Appreciation Award from a Stem Cell Client

‘We Greatly Appreciate the valued contribution of Ecron Acunova towards the success of Stempeutics in its endeavour to bring ‘Stempeucel’ product to the world market’

Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer, Stempeutics Research
  Functional Data Management services

“Thank you so much, XXX. I want to express my appreciation for all the quality work you are doing and your promptness in addressing issues that are raised.”

US located Data Management Group of a Sponsor specialized in Diagnostic Imaging

Medical writing in Hepatocellular Carcinoma study

“Team in India led by Sheetal worked very hard on this project keeping all strict time timelines. There were no quality issues during the NDA review process. I am very pleased by this achievement by team India and I am very proud to be associated with the team”

Co-founder & Principal of a US Imaging Expert Company

Hypertension study in Children

“We thank the entire German and Ukrainian study team for their dedication to the project, and can recommend the work of Ecron Acunova without restrictions.”

US HQ of one of the biggest Pharma Companies Worldwide

Global Phase III Study in Breast Cancer

“Dear Team, I can only say: you are all GREAT!!!! Thanks to each and every one of you for any contribution you have made to reach this target. I have never doubted that you all do your very best and now to see that this even results in FPFV, this is just overwhelming. THANKS TO EVERY SINLGE ONE OF YOU!!! Yours, XXX, feeling happy and relieved.”

One of the Leading Global Pharma Companies

Multinational Radiopharmaceutical trial in Prostate Cancer

“I would like to take the opportunity to tell you all, what a great hardworking team you have been during the last 3 years. It has been a pleasure to work with you all!.”

Norwegian Biotech & Pharma Company

Off-shore Biometric services in Bangalore

“It is so nice to hear from you. It's been a long time. This mail definitely takes me back to 10 years ago when we built together an extension for the XXXXX Global Biometrics group in Bangalore. A very successful project!”

VP Global Clinical Operations of one of Top 3 Generic Companies in the World

Functional Data Management from India

“This email is to express my appreciation for Sudha and the work she does for the XXX study. Overall I am very happy with the team as a whole but I would like to shine an extra light on Sudha :-).
My experience with her work is a very good one. She is precise, timely, pro-active and shows a great responsibility. When we have a meeting with her, she is always double checking if she understood what we discussed and decided, which is resulting in little or no misunderstandings. Her query texts are always clear for the sites to understand. I know that this should be a standard requirement for a data manager but my previous experiences are that not all DMs know how to express clearly but she does. I am very happy having her on our side :-)”

Senior Data Manager, Clinical Studies Platform, from a Global Nutrition Enterprise

BA/BE Capabilities

“I am impressed by your facility set up and process flow. The most attractive feature is that the facilities are located inside the hospital building itself. I also wish to appreciate the humble and courteous nature of your team and during the course of interactions realised that each person truly is nurturing the spirit of team work and thereby delivering desired outcome”

Clinical Research Manager, Subsidiary of one of Top 3 Pharma companies in the World
Clinical Study Management
Functional Services
BA/BE Study Management
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