“Cell Therapy Trials - How CROs can impact trial outcome” by Dr. S. Kher at Stemcell Symposium, Tel Aviv 2013

Typically stem cell projects require the development of an assay to show potency (e.g. drug release assay) or to demonstrate efficacy in an IND submission. Often a client company will need or want to demonstrate the “lack of” immunogenicity of their drug. Our scientists will lead you through the type of assay you’ll need. During these communications our scientists will discuss the pros and cons of the various approaches so that you will be able to make an informed decision. In essence, Ecron Acunova, a pharma cro, can act as your scientific consultants, though we do recommend that you obtain a regulatory consultant who will be apprised of and can coordinate your entire FDA submission.

Our scientific strength includes:
  • Ecron Acunova scientists are recognized as world leaders in stem cell biology, credited with significant breakthroughs in the field. 
  • At Ecron Acunova, we encourage innovation and demand rigor. We believe that good science leads to good medicine.
When it comes to credentials in the stem cell field, Ecron Acunova is unsurpassed. Whether they have come with backgrounds in biology or business development, medicine or manufacturing, finance or regulatory affairs, each and every member of our organization has exceptional qualities and capabilities in their respective areas of expertise. We fervently believe that the extraordinary and diverse team of accomplished scientists and business leaders we have assembled from different countries of origin, combined with a team spirit shared throughout the organization, will carry us through to succeed in achieving our Mission.
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