As we complete 15 years in India and over 30 years in Europe, our team stands as testimony of our ability to identify and nurture great talent. We foster an environment that is led by experienced, world-class professionals who provide vision and inspiration. We are governed by our values: Integrity, Quality, Caring and Speed.

In our endeavour to impact the global industry and create new benchmarks, we invite clinical research and healthcare professionals to embark on this journey with us. We assure you a vibrant environment that supports innovation and creativity, as we provide you with a platform to explore new avenues to build your career. With opportunities in Europe, Asia and the US, you will gain a truly global experience. Key locations where opportunities exist are: Frankfurt, Berlin, Constance, London, Prague, Kyiv and Warsaw in Europe; Bangalore, Bombay, Mangalore and Manipal in India, Bangkok and Singapore in South East Asia, and New Jersey in the USA.

If you are looking forward to making a mark in this exciting field of saving lives through drug development, Ecron Acunova is your destination. We invite you to share our dream.

Culture and Values

We are recognised as a dynamic, fast-growing company that understands the need for a work-life balance amongst all our employees. While at work, we strengthen this belief through a relaxed yet motivated ambience and nurture an environment of self-expression and clear communication.

Subject to reliable work flow and service delivery, self-driven employees are permitted flexibility to work part-time or from their home office for a pre-agreed duration. Employees have taken sabbaticals and long breaks and subsequently returned to full time work to fulfil their personal and professional aspirations.

As a forward-looking company, we have found our strength in the pillars of EA – our people, and the values that build substance as we grow. We see in our people proactive initiative, integrity, an entrepreneurial spirit, the ability to work in teams, a tendency towards quality and a client-oriented approach.
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Culture and Values
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Current Opportunities
For career opportunities in India/South East Asia please contact
Mr Noel Rajan and email your resume to
For career opportunities in Europe/USA, please contact
Ms Cornelia Germroth and email your resume to
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