Ecron Acunova – Synergy of Regional Experts

Ecron Acunova is a CRO combining the strengths of our local offices in Europe, India and South East Asia (SEA).

This integration enabled - presence in key countries of Europe & Asia brings special advantages to our clients. Our presence in Asia and East Europe assures clients fast and full enrolment, while our Scandinavian offices bring knowledgeable KOLs to our clients programs.

Our deep therapeutic expertise and broadened service portfolio now includes central lab services and clinical PV, helping our clients bring their

products to market faster

and at a lower budget.

Manipal Acunova CRO was founded by D.A. Prasanna, reputed for leveraging innovation to build a significant global medical device business.

EA has research facilities in Bangalore, Mangalore and Manipal, with preferred access to Manipal Medical University’s 19 teaching hospitals. Over 100 market authorizations have been obtained in six continents based on studies conducted here.

Expertise has been built in a wide spectrum of therapeutic areas, with an emphasis on , CV, Stem Cell, and Imaging Agents research.   The company has grown to be India’s #1 Clinical CRO.

Southeast Asia (SEA)

Chula University started a CRO in SEA and built expertise in conducting HIV and nutritional studies in Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and Malaysia.

In 2010, the CRO was integrated with Ecron Acunova.

Ecron CRO was founded in Constance, Germany, in 1986. Building an enviable reputation for quality, it grew to be a European expert CRO for clinical development.

Headquartered in Frankfurt, Germany, Ecron has conducted globally studies that have been audited by FDA and EMA, subsequently leading to marketing authorizations.

Manipal Acunova acquired Ecron in 2007 and formed Ecron Acunova.


aCRONordic a CRO with long experience in the Nordic region was established as a data management CRO in Denmark. It transformed into a clinical CRO in Sweden, Norway & Finland. EA’s Nordic presence enables clients to conduct studies with Scandinavian KOLs.


With mentoring by key sponsors, EA organically grew clinical services in the US and Canada. Currently we are monitoring over 80 sites in North America.

EA is a CRO with  expertise, experience and geographic coverage. We are in a position to meet the needs of our clients with cost-effective, full-enrolment studies.
Oncology, Diagnostic Imaging, Stem Cells, PK/PD, Nutrition, HIV

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Synergy of Regional Experts
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