From a CRO serving big pharma companies locally, we have grown to a specialty full-service CRO serving small, medium and big sponsors globally.

We thank our investigators, employees and sponsors who are a part of this successful journey and invite you to join us into an exciting future.

Our Numbers Speak for Themselves.

We have successfully conducted:
> 1300 Ph I-IV studies with:
> 180,000 patients at
> 13,500 sites worldwide leading to
> 200 marketing authorization in six continents.

Although we provide clinical research services to six of the top ten global pharma, the majority of our studies are for small, medium pharma and biotech companies.

We have special expertise in:
  • Diagnostic contrast imaging agents including radio-labelled drugs.
  • Cell therapy, bringing to market allogenic drugs and devices.
  • Biosimilars: we have conducted more than ten biosimilar studies.
  • Affordable and accessible generics.
  We offer clinical development services to pharmaceutical, biotechnology, generic, regenerative medicine, nutritional, device and medical diagnostics industries.

Our service quality, therapeutic expertise and global reach have allowed us to grow steadily, bringing exceptional value to our global clients.

We provide an attractive combination of services coupled with the ability to rapidly conduct clinical trials utilizing a world-class delivery platform.

Our long company history, wide geographic presence, extensive patient access, regulatory credibility, quality standards as well as the cultural diversity and capabilities of our team enhance our client benefits.
March 3-4, 2015
Meet us at CTIP, Munich
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June 6-10, 2015
Meet us at Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging Annual Meeting, Baltimore, Maryland

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Career Openings
Dr. Ajay K Agarwal, Supervisory Board member honored with Bharat Samman Award by NRI Institute, New Delhi for excellence in healthcare
'What should the New Indian Govt. do in Clinical Research' by D A Prasanna, Chairman ACRO India
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